LGBT History Month and Queer’ists Exhibition

Private View – Saturday 19th February @ 6pm

Coventry LGBT residents are getting together to make History!

Coventry’s LGBT History month celebrations are kicking off with a launch party at Rainbows on the 4th February 2012 from 20:00. Wear sports related clothing to help us celebrate the achievements of LGBT athletes in this Olympic year.

Every year in February around the world Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people celebrate L.G.B.T.History Month. This annual event originally began in the United States in October 1994, and has been commemorated in the United Kingdom throughout the month of February since 2005 ( ).

It provides an opportunity for people to look back over the history of humanity and acknowledge the existence and achievements of the L.G.B.T community despite the attempts that have been made to oppress, obscure or even erase the L.G.B.T element from our history books.

In Coventry it is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the L.G.B.T community living and working within the City today, as well as raise awareness about their place in the history of the city, and of the world.

During February Queerists by Marta Kochanek – an art exhibition profiling local and international LGBT artists and performers will be shown in the Coventry University Lanchester Gallery and the Glass Box.

Every Tuesday from 19:00 Coventry University’s Cinema will be showing a main LGBT feature film along with some local short films from the 31st January 2012 through to the 28th February 2012.

For more information on Coventry’s celebrations and events in LGBT History month please access our events website

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LGBT History Month and Queer’ists

We are really expanding! Following by Coventry Peace Festival grant we received to develop the idea of the project we were now granted by LGBT History Month!

As a result of such honour The Queer’ists Project will be exhibited in two different places in February 2012. First exhibition of the documentary will be hosted by The Lanchester Library and Coventry University.

Another exhibition planned and supported by LGBT History Month and Coventry City Council will take place in The Glass Box.

You are also all very welcome to join us again in The Glass Box. Our first show of the project we celebrated in The Glass Box during the 1st Annual Queer Art Exhibition in August last year. This time there are three more artists who joined the project so there is chance to meet them all in person. Please do not hesitate to join us and celebrate as it is a very important time to the whole community!

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Coventry Peace Festival and QUEER’ists

Dear all Queer’ists and art lovers!!!

I am extremely happy to announce that Queer’ists got GRANT and next exhibition is to be sponsored by the Coventry Peace Festival!

Next exhibition will take place in the Lock Gallery

22 – 29th November 2011

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Vote for Queer’ists!

Ladies and Gents! I joined an Enterprise Nation Programme called Fund101 to let my last photography project grow!

I need you all to vote for The Queer’ists Project.
If I am lucky PayPal will sponsor new frames that are extremely needed to let me exhibit the project in Oslo and then in London.
It won’t cost you anything – donate 20 seconds and vote for us!

Thank you in advance :)

Please click on the image below and vote for Queer’ists!

We will be flying to Oslo on Friday following by the invitation made by the organizers of The Oslo Queer Festival. Keep your fingers crossed!

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2 Photographs from the Queer’ists Project has been selected for the GFEST 2011 Visual Arts Exhibition that will take place between 7th – 20th November 2011 at:

Dreamspace Gallery; Dufferin Street, London EC1 8NA


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1st Annual QUEER’ists Art Exhibition

From the Founder: “Fear and consciousness of homophobia motivated me to create platform open to emerging as well as established LGBT artists to share life experiences as well as art. Art in this case was to create a solid bridge between artists around the world and myself”.

Click HERE to see photos from the event!!!

10 QUEER Artists – 2 Shows!

1st Annual QUEER’ists Art Exhibition – Birmingham 2011


UK – US – Poland

You are invited to be part of an awesome show that will take place in Birmingham/UK. It is going to be a huge step forward in the field of Queer Art so come over and be part of it!

The Queerists Project was exhibited in London and Coventry already.
Now – QUEER artists were encouraged to exhibit their original works along with The QUEER’ists Project.

Please join us and proudly celebrate with us!!!

20 Regent Parade
B1 3NS

12th July – 6th August 2011

Private View: 12th July 2011 @ 6pm

Artists Included:
Marta Kochanek – Violetta Jara – Anna Szlandakowska – T.R.Robertson – Ben Webb – Dora Bauer – Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes – Jak Flash – Julia Frost – John Yeadon

Special Guest – QUEER’ists DJ – Ruth Pearce


2nd Show will take place in Coventry

14th – 20th August 2011
Private View: 14th August 2011 @ 6pm

The Glass Box
Earl Street

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QUEER’ists is delighted to announce two upcoming exhibitions!

Submission Form Date exceeded! – You can email your entry until 3rd July (5pm)

LGTBQ Artists are welcome to submit art works to be exhibited along with the Queer’ists Project.


Submission Form_Queerists


Please click HERE and HERE to see QUEER’ests latest shows!

Join us and add both events into your creative CV!

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Read about 1st QUEER’ists Exhibition HERE

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Queer’ists Project for LGBT Artists

Hello and welcome to Queer’ists Project for LGBT Artists. Please click on image and you will be taken to individual Artist’s Profiles. Anyone interested in taking part – contact me!




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